31/3/1979 - Louis Grech

Zminijietna Harga April – Gunju 2008


This is the memorable date in which Malta finally got rid of foreign military presence from its territory. It was the day in which an oath was taken that Malta would never again host such rubbish. The process was strengthened when the words Neutrality and Peace were enshrined in our own constitution. Dom Mintoff was the prime mover in this feat. However some time ago the same Dom Mintoff handled his ‘Ġieħ ir-Repubblika’ award to the commissioner of police so that it would be preserved for his inheritors until Malta would regain its freedom!

Indeed we have now become accustomed to the frequent visits of warships in the grand harbour and moreover the USA pushed neutral Malta to rejoin the Partnership for peace. So we shall now be probably sending our soldiers to endanger their lives in wars created by some other country’s imperialistic and greedy policies. Shame on those who have re-applied to join this NATO venture and have succumbed to such US pressure; Shame on those who with their silence are accomplice to this.

The MLP who for many years posed to be the paladin of Neutrality, Peace and Freedom in Malta does not seem to be bothered that much. Unlike the EU issue this was not chosen by the electorate so why is the MLP so silent? However the MLP has now lost the credibility (deliberately?) in this issue due to its deafening silence about the visiting warships issue and the recent Russian naval show of strength near Malta. After all it’s the same party that has gradually minimised the significance of Freedom Day. Shame on you! Unfortunately Labourites have been mesmerised for so long by the party media – that factually became the opium of the Labourites; financed by the same Labourites! True, Labourites must reclaim what’s theirs and ask why their party has abandoned these hard earned principles under the easy excuse of globalisation. Party delegates should also ask the leadership contestants to submit their views about this issue before voting. The future of Malta’s peaceful status and the safety of your own children seem to depend on your vote. Do not let any personal interest prevail over that of your children!

May we regain our Freedom!

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