"Cohabitation should be regularised"

MaltaStar.com 15 /10/07

Zminijietna – Voice of the Left welcomed the inclusion of partners in cohabitation as eligible applicants for social housing, as a positive move towards social inclusion.

Zminijietna said that however, a legal framework should be instituted as cohabitation is not recognised by law.

Therefore, cohabitation should be recognised by Maltese law in view of the various anomalies and unnecessary hardships created to partners in this status.

Zminijietna said “As in other societies, there are various forms of cohabitation in Malta, for various situational and cultural reasons. Yet, to the contrary of other societies, many couples who live in cohabitation are in this situation because of the absence of divorce.

Many would like to marry yet are not permitted to do so if at least one of them would be separated from a previous marriage. Thus, whilst many separated people believe in marriage they are denied the basic right to marry”.

“This situation is creating various anomalies and hardships. Partners cannot regularise their situation and there is no legal framework which gives them rights and obligations towards each other. This is evident in areas such as property, taxation and income maintenance.

The current situation is therefore discriminatory, and is very different from what has been described by certain opinion-makers who seem to have no idea of the reality of thousands of people”.

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