Compatibility between green and leftist politics

The Sunday Times 4 November 2007

Michael Falzon (The Sunday Times, October 21) writes about my position as public relations officer of Zminijietna - Voice of the Left, and my role as Sliema councillor on behalf of Alternattiva Demokratika.

There is compatibility between green and leftist politics. Across Europe, green, socialist and communist parties are frequently allied together. The Italian government (which Arnold Cassola is a member of) is a case in point. Alliances are the essence of politics, and Malta is no exception.

Secondly, the story about which Mr Falzon is so curious had already been reported by another newspaper on August 12. I also wrote about my role in AD (The Sunday Times, September 9): "I have no role - neither formal nor informal - in AD, save for that of local councillor due to my reelection to this post in 2006". I also informed Sliema councillors about my role within AD in the September council meeting.

As to Mr Falzon's surprise about my role in Zminijietna, it may comfort him to know that I joined Zminijietna - Voice of the Left in 1994, way before I joined AD. Leftist policies should be of no surprise to Mr Falzon - after all, the Nationalist Party has adopted certain leftist positions in its 'electoral' Budget in issues such as children's allowance, maternity leave, full compensation to pensioners and subsidies for home loans, just some weeks after various opinion writers deemed such proposals unsustainable when they were proposed by Malta's Left.

Ever since I was first elected to the Sliema council in 2003, I never failed to be loyal to the people who elected me and who frequently request my services as councillor. Neither has my loyalty for politics for equality and social justice ever wavered.

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