Education should be based on social justice - Michael Briguglio

Malta Today, 5th March 2008

In many instances, education is being treated in a superficial manner in the current electoral campaign. Instead of using electoral rhetoric such as that regarding the so-called 'repeaters', it would do more justice to discuss education in a serious manner.

Malta requires more investment in education, especially for the most vulnerable groups. It is a fact that great advances were made in Malta's educational sector, and it is a fact that Malta possesses educational institutions of a very high level. Yet, at the same time, Malta occupies the bottom places in EU tables on areas such as youth participation in post-secondary education. Therefore, it is agreeable to have a stipends system that is based on financial payments and educational grants, so that no student would give up continuing studying due to financial reasons.

Above all, Malta requires a comprehensive and life-long educational system. The introduction of colleges is a positive step forward, yet the Maltese educational system is still based on the selective politics of streaming, which is resulting in large numbers of youth, especially from the working class, who are ending up without qualifications.

Our country also requires politics that encourage community involvement in socio-educational activities, thus increasing social capital. Besides, children should be subject to less stress and should be given more chance to enjoy their childhood.

Zminijietna - Voice of the Left also stresses the importance of education and training of workers. Such training should respect the experiences of workers and not impose alien and humiliating experiences on them.
In sum, we strongly believe that education should be based on social justice.

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