For a united Left - Michael Briguglio

Malta Today, 11 May 2008


Beyond its symbolism and commemorative importance, Workers’ Day should have inspired forces on the Left of Maltese politics to increase their collaboration in order to bring about a more equal society.

Malta requires a united left movement which aspires for governance in order to bring about the necessary changes so that Malta will be more equal, socially just and ecologically sustainable. In this regard, political parties and NGOs on the left side of the political spectrum are urged to increase their collaboration and form alliances. Besides, Malta’s trade unions should bridge their differences with the hope of forming a Trade Union Council.

Malta requires a strong left in view of various realities which are being faced by thousands of people. One example is that of increased precariousness faced by workers. This includes not only full-time workers, but also part-timers, workers on contract, casual workers, and even those with middle-class jobs and the small self-employed. In addition, the cost of living of various products and services keeps increasing.

Zminijietna - Voice of the Left shall therefore do its utmost for the creation of a joint leftist movement in Malta.

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