FOR PEACE IN GAZA - Michael Briguglio

Malta Today, 3rd February 2008

Following Israel's recent escalation of attacks on Gaza, the situation in the territory has become desparate.

In just one week more than 40 Palestians were killed while many more were wounded. The little access the population had to food, fuel, clean water and ever-more-urgent medical services was cut off. The people of Gaza have become victims of collective punishment.

The siege and blockade of Gaza are immoral acts and violations of International Law. From a humanitarian point of view, they represent a tragedy, resulting in increased suffering and bitterness in Gaza  This is totally counter-productive on a political level and also ineffective on the level of security for Israel.
Zminijietna - Voice of the Left demands an immediate end to all this. We also demand a comprehensive ceasefire that covers all territories and all parties to the conflict. We believe in an alternative of peace and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians. The only just and viable solution can be found only through the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from the territories occupied in 1967 as described in the relevant UN resolutions and the establishment of an independent state of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, alongside Israel.

Zminijietna - Voice of the Left also welcomes the fact that the European Parliament voted by a wide majority in favour of the request by Francis Wurtz - leader of the  United Left bloc - to hold an immediate debate on the situation in Gaza. We hope that the EU will pressurize Israel to lift the siege on Gaza at once.

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