Kosovo will open a Pandora’s Box - Christopher Cutajar

Times, 29th February 2008


If recognized, the proclaimed independence of Kosovo, will be opening a Pandora’s box for the time to come. The recognition of this independence by some of the EU countries will be posing an uncomfortable situation in front of the phenomena of political movements that were set to claim independence like those in the Basque region in Spain, and Corsica, an island ruled by France.

These EU countries that have decided to recognize Kosovo as independent will now be obliged to be coherent in their policies regarding the
regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia, and also regarding Nagorno-Karabakh found between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and being claimed by the latter two as being theirs.

The statement issued last week by the Maltese Foreign Ministry regarding this matter was a good cautious act. The position held by the ministry to postpone the decision to a more opportune time does make sense in face of the coming general elections that are going to be held in Malta, and also due to the big protests being held by the Serbs in vital parts of Serbia.

Zminijietna Left Youth’s appeal to the Government of Malta is that of considering the maintenance of good relations with Serbia, the EU
countries and Russia, as the paramount criteria that needs to be set, before taking the best decision.

Christopher Cutajar
International Secretary – Zminijietna Left Youth

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