On NATO expansionism - David Pisani

Malta Today, Wednesday, 09 April 2008


Through its Bucharest summit, NATO not only decided on Malta’s application to join the Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme, but was also aiming to expand its membership by two other countries, namely Ukraine and Georgia. This would have resulted in NATO’s expansion in terms of military and defensive control in the European continent.

NATO cannot claim neutrality in its agenda. When NATO undertakes military actions, often these are legitimised as ‘peacekeeping’ or ‘peace enforcement’, as if it were a neutral referee. In reality, NATO actions take place to enforce NATO ideology, which, in general, acts in imperialist interests such as those of the USA. Ultimately, through NATO action, more territory falls under its area of influence.

One recent example of this is the political crisis in Kosovo. Zminijietna – Voice of the Left believes that instead of having a stronger imperialist structure like NATO, there should be a reformed United Nations. This would be able to take on the missions that are necessary, so that it can respond early and proactively to prevent genocide, for example, should be a global policy priority. Within this context, Malta and the European Union should emphasise the values of peace, equality, social justice and ecological sustainability.

As a small neutral state in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has much to offer for world peace. This shall be seriously undermined through PfP membership.

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