Public transport is an essential service - David Pisani

The Times, Friday, 25th July 2008


In reaction to the public transport industrial action, Żminijietna - Voice of the Left points out that public transport is an essential public service.

The state should assume greater responsibility in ensuring accessible, cheaper, cleaner and efficient public transport, which in the long run should provide the best solution against pollution and traffic congestion.

The state should also ensure that any reform in public transport will not result in job losses.

In the meantime, Żminijietna welcomes the fact that taxation on new luxury cars, which consume excessive amounts of fuel, shall be increased. This is a measure that makes social and ecological sense. Żminijietna, however, hopes that the government will not add burdens on workers and on low- and middle-income earners to make up for any loss in revenue due to reforms in this sector.