Waste Mismanagement - Michael Briguglio

The Times of Malta, Monday, 28th April 2008


With reference to The Times editorial (April 21), it is evident that the upcoming door-to-door waste separation scheme is characterised by mismanagement. Amidst its pomp, the massive advertising campaign failed, given that the date of commencement of the scheme has passed.

This has bewildered many civic-minded residents who want to participate in the scheme. Now it is also becoming clear that the government has no concrete plan regarding the financing of the scheme after the two-months trial period, as there is disagreement over who should pay for it. As things stand, local councils are already overstretched with expenses. Besides, if residents will have to pay for the garbage bags that shall be distributed for this specific scheme, we would end up with the farcical situation whereby participants pay while non-participants do not. This would run contrary to the polluter pays principle. Instead of adding more burdens, the government should finance this scheme from revenue currently generated from eco-taxation.

Żminijietna - Voice of the Left appeals to the government to be more serious in the management of this erstwhile commendable scheme so as to encourage people to participate, especially since Malta's bring-in sites are not accessible for everyone.

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