Spreading justice in rent reform - David Pisani

The Times, Thursday, 22nd January 2009

Żminijietna - Voice of the Left believes that the government's rent reform proposals do justice to the owners of properties rented before the 1995 liberalisation, yet not at the expense of people living in them.
We welcome the fact that the children of those living in such properties, with incomes of less than ?25,000, will be able to carry on living in the homes they have been living in with their caregiver/s. This will safeguard the security of the members of that household.
We appeal for the five-year period, whereby children need to be living in the rented home for a minimum of five years before they can be considered as heirs to the property, to be excluded from the reform so children with family-related problems and those with social problems will not be at a disadvantage.

In addition, Żminijietna believes that political and social organisations, NGOs and voluntary organisations should benefit from the reform and not be subjected to the open market rent criteria. These organisations are not-for-profit and are giving a social contribution to society.
We also recommend that all types of families should benefit from the proposals, including cohabiting and single-parent households and same-sex couples.

Żminijietna also believes that the rent reform should be accompanied by a reform in social housing policies in order for the government to help those truly in need, including first-time buyers and people reaching pension age.

David Pisani, public relations officer, Żminijietna - Voice of the Left, Valletta

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