Zminijietna objects to proposed development at Tal-Papa

Press Release: 02/11/07
Stqarrija Stampa: 02/11/07
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Zminijietna - Lehen ix-Xellug
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Zminijietna objects to proposed development at Tal-Papa

Zminijietna - Voice of the Left submitted its objection to MEPA regarding the proposed large-scale development at Tal-Papa, Birzebbugia, Zminijietna called for an environment impact assessment.

“Mepa should reconsider the content of the development brief in its entirety, in view of the detrimental impact on residents, the vacant, sub-standard property that exists in the core of the village and the limitations of the sewage and water infrastructure at Tal-Papa”
“Zone 1, which belongs to the State, should be designated a green area or converted into an agricultural heritage park”
“The farmhouse and its environment should be protected. In this regard, it is difficult to understand how a six-metre buffer zone around the farmhouse in the area would manage to conserve its historical identity and character. This would be impossible if the area is developed into an expansive housing project”.

Zminijietna said that MEPA should follow its own policies, as demanded by various NGOs and 3,040 residents who signed a petition against the proposed development.

Michael Briguglio
Public Relations Officer
Zminijietna Lehen ix-Xellug
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