Zminijietna submits proposals for Fort Cambridge EIA

Press Release: 09/11/07
Stqarrija Stampa: 09/11/07
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Zminijietna - Lehen ix-Xellug
14/8 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta VLT1432

Zminijietna submits proposals for Fort Cambridge EIA

Zminijietna – Voice of Left has submitted the proposals below to MEPA re. the Fort Cambridge Environment Impact Assessment PA 02752/07


  1. The Environmental Impact Assessment of the Fort Cambridge Area project must be carried out holistically for the whole Qui-Si-Sana / Tigne peninsula, which also includes other developments, including MIDI, Townsquare, and the possibility of a car park/entertainment complex at Qui-si-sana.
  1. The EIA should include various scientific and social-scientific impact assessments covering areas such as social impacts, traffic impacts, pollution impacts, health impacts, drainage & infrastructural impacts, impacts on historical sites, visual impacts. Data used should not be outdated.
  1. The impact of construction works should be clearly taken into account – including dust (excavation, chasing, etc..); tower crane safety; noise pollution; exhaust; concrete mixtures; works being carried over long periods,  etc..
  1. The height of 23 storeys for the proposed tower is illegal as it contravenes Section 97 of the Code of Police Laws for Malta.  The height of a building cannot be more than three times the width of the adjacent road.

Michael Briguglio
Public Relations Officer
Zminijietna - Voice of the Left

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