"Three historic events for the global Left" Zminijietna

Press Release: 25/02/08
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"Three historic events for the global Left" Zminijietna
In a press release, Zminijietna - Voice of the Left referred to three historic events the political Left, namely political events occurring in the past weekend in Cuba, Cyprus and Germany.

Zminijietna referred to the election of Raul Castro as Cuba's president, saying that this represents a continuation of the achievements of the Cuban revolution, most notably in the social sector, with great prospects for the future. In a letter to the Cuban ambassador to Malta, Zminijietna said that it is confident that the Cuban revolution will keep making progress in the years to come, with the support of the Cuban people.

Zminijietna also referred to the historic election of left-wing Demetris Christofias as President of Cyprus, with a majority of 53.36% of the vote. He was supported by his Communist Party AKEL, by the Democratic Party (DIKO), the Social-Democrats EDEK, the Greens (Oikologoi), the United Democrats, the party of the Reconstruction of the Centre (Epalxi) and other groups. In a letter to the Chrisofias's AKEL Party, Zminijietna said "We support Chrisofias's statement that his vision is of a Cyprus which is reunited and socially just, and we support his statement in favour of fighting for Cyprus's best interests within Europe, whereby he won' t say yes to everything Europe says".

Zminijietna also referred to the historic election of the German Left Party which entered Hamburg's parliament for the first-time ever, winning 6.4% of the vote. In a letter to the Left Party, Zminijietna said that it supports the Party's positions in favour of redistribution of wealth, the end of privatization and workers' codetermination. "The same can be said for the Left Party's positions for a democratisation of the European Union and opposition towards neo-liberalism and militarism. Zminijietna - Voice of the Left supports these positions."

"The Left has an important political role to play across the globe, in the struggle for a better society based on equality and social justice", concluded Zminijietna - Voice of the Left.

In the meantime, the latest issue of quarterly review Zminijietna has been published. The review deals with a number of socio-political themes from leftist perspectives.

The leading article of Zminijietna is the electoral memorandum to Malta's political parties of Zminijietna – Voice of the Left. Other articles include Michael Briguglio's analysis of the political parties in the context of Malta's general election; David Pisani's question to political parties as to whether they are for a social Europe or a neo-liberal Europe; Christopher Cutajar's second part of a feature on various situations at Mater Dei; Saviour Rizzo on the adoption of the Euro and its effect on the Maltese labour market; David Cuschieri on the ignored difficulties of the working class in Malta; Joseph M. Cachia on the culture of greed and corruption; A. Pert on the balance between society and economy; Zminijietna's cultural correspondent on the need for Cultural politics and action in Malta; and a feature on Zminijietna Left Youth. The review also includes public statements of Zminijietna - Voice of the Left and Zminijietna Left Youth, and news items.  To subscribe in Zminijietna for a year, one should send Euro 2.33 (cheque or stamps) to Zminijetna, 14/8 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta.
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