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Press Release: 13/03/08
Stqarrija Stampa: 13/03/08
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Zminijietna Zghazagh tax-Xellug / Zminijietna Left Youth
14/8 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta

In a statement issued by Zminijietna Left Youth (ZLY), the leftist organisation stated that “the Interior Ministry should set up a task force aimed at protecting the neighbourhoods of our isles by getting rid of illegal storages of fireworks found in garages of irresponsible manufacturers.”

ZLY said that “a committee should be set up, containing officials from the Bomb Disposal Unit – Armed Forces of Malta, Pyrotechnic Commission within the Police Corp, Government Officials, Occupational Health and Safety Authority and other relevant experts. Such a committee will have to set up target dates to identify illegal storages and practices within the pyrotechnic industry, and address them for the prevention of other tragedies in the times to come. Malta is already facing the problem of workers dying during their day at work, it cannot afford to have such another big problem to confront.”

ZLY strengthened their plea by stating that “The value of life should be put before any other value, and irresponsible fireworks aficionados should be put accountable to their malpractices. We are not against those artisans who are involved in the pyrotechnical industry legally, lighting up the skies in the best of ways, but only against those who put the life of others under threat due to their irrational behaviour.”

Andre' Damato
Public Relations Officer
Zminijietna Left Youth

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