Characteristics of a New Leader

Press Release: 14/04/08
Stqarrija Stampa: 14/04/08
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Zminijietna Zghazagh tax-Xellug / Zminijietna Left Youth
14/8 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta

Characteristics of a New Leader

Zminijietna Left Youth has expressed its thoughts regarding the required characteristics of a New Labour Leader. It stated that “the new leader could be a determining factor for the Labour Party to offer vision to the masses that support it, and also to those that can potentially move closer to it.”

ZLY stated that “the new leader should be populistic in his or her discourse, and at the same time courageous to put on the national agenda, proposals which need persuasion to be accepted by the majority. Being charismatic is important in this sense.” The organization has also mentioned that “the new leader should be determined to change certain practices within sectors of the party who up to now are not obtaining the desired results. The main branches of the Party should also be strengthened, whilst new structures within the Party can help in gaining new support through a wider reach-out.”

ZLY continued by stating that “the new leader should seek how to create more harmony between various officials within the Party. A case in point can be to lessen the divergences between the roles of General Secretary and that of Deputy Leader for Party Affairs, within the Party. This can ease up coordination. Moreover, a new leader should embrace more consultation with intellectuals, for the creation of better policies. At the same time the need to be able to decide which is to be the way forward is imperative.”

ZLY concluded by auguring “all of the five contestants to have the chance to expose their views in the best of ways, for the Delegates of the MLP to have the right to choose in an objective manner. This, will ripe benefit to the Party and the Country, as the Political Left in Malta will be stronger.”

Christopher Cutajar
PRO & International Secretary
Zminijietna Left Youth
Mob; 99233900

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